A fallout of the classic widdly scuds comic. AFRICA refers to a very bright and colorful place of confusion, herbal plants commonly slang termed "AFRICA" can take one to this place of colorfulness. No warning on label, although, enjoying AFRICA can cause animals to come to real life, and one to enter a tribal state of mind. All ends abruptly with a flash of "AFRICA".
I was offered some "AFRICA" from my holmes in da hood. I travelled back to my 'crib' to take a bong hit and flicked on discovery channel. It was a brief moment, a lion was seen on screen, I was suddenly african and had a spear, the lion shot a laser beam that said AFRICA toward me, I saw the flash of "AFRICA" in colors. Revelation to say the least.
by Marker aka Widdly March 09, 2011
Parking in the middle of nowhere at any venue in said carpark.
"Where's Bob parked"

"Oh, he's over in Africa"
1. Term used to define that some place is far away.
2.Term used to describe hot temperature

Kid: Yo i want to fuck her but I can't
Friend:Why not?
Kid: She lives in Africa


Mark: Yo it is dumb hot outside
Bryan: Mad Africa out here.
by The Drapist January 18, 2010
Replaces any Noun, Adjective, Verb and or Adverb.
1. It's cold as Africa out here.
2. Your very Africa today, aren't you?
3. Lets Africa home.
4. Kevin worked very Africa getting his triangle chest tan.
by !?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!???!?!??!? December 15, 2010
The de-stressing feeling one gets when listening to Toto's "Africa". Usually initiated after enduring extreme stress or irritation. The feeling is often accompanied by a strong urge to move, which results in a "African animal like"/"Orangutan" arm swinging dance.
"Lisa is driving me crazy, I feel like I'm going to explode. I really need to Africa right now"
by Samponanna April 17, 2009
The poorest continent in the world. Lots of black people live there. Most of the poverty commercials you see have black malnutrioned kids from Africa.
"I saw a commercial on TV, the kid looked so poor and hungry." "Well what do you expect he's from Africa."
by BLK FOLK April 16, 2010
After Fucking, Rest In a Cool Area
Dude: Hey man, I'm gonna f**k this chick tonight.
His pal: Good for you man! Just remember africa!
by african_dude February 15, 2008

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