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== Definition ==

A group of experts bound together for a purpose that no individual one of them could accomplish

== Purpose ==

Professionals with a sense of style that transcends the fashions of tomorrow.

Globally focused on a connecting the world to the present.

Bringers of love to those thirsty for a grander connection

== History ==

The closest confirmation of their origins is spoken in whispers by visionaries who have had a little too much to drink. It is rumored that a group of wandering starry eyed young men and women gravitated towards each other by the forces of fate and have been shaping the world ever since.
"Who are the afreshionados?"
"The origins are both modern and rooted in millions of years of evolutionary development. Contacting them has proved impossible. They find you."
#aficionado #media #world shakers #professionals #modern #forever
by Mad0Max June 10, 2013
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