A rather animated Afghan.
Man, he's hopped up why is your broham into Afghanistanimation.
by Werther November 20, 2002
Top Definition
Animated cartoons made in afghanistan, usually sent to america to spread the word of the taliban.
"See, now the butler is telling the monkey not to be poisoned by the capitalist america and stay true to the ways of the Taliban"
"Man, i love afghanistanimation"
by industrialprophet.com November 16, 2002
A cheaper afghani knockoff of japanination style of animation.
/fictional / From the movie Super Troopers.
Johnny Chimpo is my favorite afghanistanimation.
by Chris P. Kreme March 14, 2008
A cheap knock-off cartoon that was illustrated and aired in Afghanistan
John Chimpo is the best Afghanistanimation show that I've ever seen.
by Sammy Zahir July 28, 2008
fukin afghans finkin dey so gangsta jus cos dey like blow shit n stabb all dese mofos farkin smell like ass
im habib da afghan n smell like a dead camel
by chicken_wangs June 19, 2004
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