A country currently at war with NATO forces, that no one in the US seems to rember since Iraq became their massive disstraction. They left a lot of their troops and their allies troops out in the cold.
Bush pre Iraq: Afghanistan should be taken in a month, we will commit a large number troops to a quick and decisive surge.

Bush Start of Iraq: Need those troops for Iraq their the true sources of evil!

Bush present: Afgani-where?
by Riim Jobs January 25, 2009
Country in Central or South- West Asia that is inhabited by Afghans. Persian and Pashto are the two most widely spoken languages of Afghanistan, but Persian seems to serve as the lingua franca.

Most Afghans belong to the Iranic people like for example Pashtuns and Tajiks but there are also many Turkic and Mongolian Afghans(Hazara) living in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is an islamic country. About 80% are sunni muslims, while the rest belong to the shia sect.

Other names for Afghanistan are : Khorasan, Aryana or Pashtunistan.
Hey, do you know that the once so beautiful Afghanistan has been experiencing useless bloody wars for like the past 30 years now? Oh no, that is such a shame. I hope Afghanistan will find peace soon!
by msih April 08, 2014
Afghanistan is an extremely poor Central Asian nation that is being ruled by an American-funded puppet government. After years of corruption under the Islamic Fundamentalist Taliban, the nation is now ruled by a weak, ineffective government that is fueled by propganda supplied by US conservatives. However, this central government has no power outside of Kabul and warlords rule this nation's countryside in a fedual style system.
Afghanistan is in a state of anarchy outside of Kabul.
by Eye In The Sky September 18, 2006
1. A Central Asian Country

2. An incredibly poor central Asian country

3. An incredibly poor and corrupt central Asian country

4. An incredibly poor, corrupt and dysfunctional central Asian country

5. An incredibly poor, corrupt, dysfunctional and CURSED central Asian country

6. Land of the Afghans: Although there is no such thing as an Afghan, they’re either Pastuns, Tajiks or whatever and the only thing they agree on is that they don’t like each other. Occasionally they’ll reach a consensus on topics such as repealing infidels and the difference between sex with goats, donkeys and Tea Boys

7. Afghans like to make reference to repealing previous invaders, Alexander the Great, the British, the Russians. Truth be told none of the invaders saw any merit in staying in the country long enough to impart their modern ways and principles on the land and people, so left at the first possible convenience leaving the locals to their own corrupt and dysfunctional devices.

8. CURSED: Yes Afghanistan is cursed. While blaming the infidel for all their (many) troubles, they fail to see that their own stupidity and greed has put them into the exact position they find themselves. Proof: Who overthrew the Shah in 1973? An Afghan. Whats happened non stop since said overthrow? War, war and more war… Cursed I tell you. CURSED
How fucked is Afghanistan? Just look at the news papers... there's your example!
by Out Ofthere March 07, 2011
Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia.
Because of the Afghan's inability to curb their lust for sex with underage boys
and their need to beat their women mercilessly without consequence,
they are known as the dirty balloon knot tied by the sad clown of despair of Central Asia.
So Roy, you just got back from Afghanistan.......
What did you think of the place?

Kabul looked like a dirty balloon knot tied by the sad clown of despair.
by Assghanistan February 20, 2014
The country the United States was supposed to invade instead of Iraq.
Why in the hell did we wage war on Iraq, when it was Al Qaeda (Afghanistan) that attacked us on 9/11?
by pseudonym-abody [Error 404] February 07, 2009
A country that supposedly went democratic for a while back, but is currently slipping back to a similar regime that was in place before America bombed the fuck out of it. Can anyone guess why?
by Brewdles April 01, 2003
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