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1.An example of an adjective that could be used in places of words such as: "Awesome" "Godly" or even "Omnipotent".
Affan is THE most awesome person one could meet. Such people are very scarce in the world and when one encounters an Affan, they are automatically considered one of the luckiest people in the universe.
2. An Affan is a chick magnet, able to score chicks as frequently as as he breathes.
3. When one Affan meets another, the universe will indeed, explode, or gasp in shock, as such awesomeness is not very easy to contain in this very small universe.
3. An Affan, particularly one with the last name Ahmad, is a super powered being, able to use powers from his imagination, much like a Green lantern from DC comics.
you my friend, are -wait awesome doesnt cut it- your Affan
by The Prescense November 01, 2010
1. A person who of which is a snake, and will take any possible chance to screw you over, just for laughs.
2. This person also may look like Jaba the Hut, he/she is extremely over weight and gets an asthma attack every 5 steps.
1. Jordan is such an Affan, he told everyone my biggest secret.

2. Yo dude, you're starting to look like an Affan, you better hit the gym soon.
by gangstaboi12321 November 07, 2010
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