"Assed-faced Ass Face"

An insulting bit of name calling.
"Dude! You're such an AFAF!
by Whind Soull March 29, 2005
Top Definition
1) A beautiful green-eyed, fair skin girl with gorgeous dark hair. She is always kind and caring.

2) A women with a beautiful heart and soul.

3) Afaf- Arabic: the pure one/ Purity.
I met this hot girl named afaf!

Afaf is awesome!!
#afaf #purity #arabic #pure #beautiful
by isa231 February 07, 2010
Asking For A Friend
What's the best way to remove blood from cotton? #AFAF
#afaf #a faf #hashtag #asking #friends
by NickSeam February 13, 2014
Afaf is the most amazingist person in the world. I havent known her for that long but i know she is truely amazing. I am a really close guy friend but i wish i was closer. She is so sweet, cute, funny and so sexy. I love her to death and will never forget her. All the guys dream of being with her. Shes so strong and sweet and is always there for everyone. I wish she knew how i felt about her. Afaf is life.
Man im gettin a boner, There must be an afaf near here
#afaf #sexy #cute #funny #adorable
by swaggymonsterboss May 08, 2013
Admire from a far

Someone who you admire from a far. You don't see a chance in being with them, but you're still attracted to them.
Mark is my afaf
#crush #attractive #cute #personality #relationship
by dogcatcat January 29, 2014
As fuck as fuck.

A phrase used after an adjective to make it even stronger. Use this phrase when "as fuck" just doesn't quite cover it.
I thought I was screwed af when traffic hit, but now that I have to piss I'm screwed afaf.
by thismypseudonym May 19, 2016
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