Recording artist on El-P's Def Jux imprint. Responsible for such classics as FLOAT and LABOR DAYS. Straight up dope.
"Who The FUCK is Aes Rock?!" - Coma
by edd0 August 29, 2003
Rapper With the Holy Grail for a Mouth, Best Rapper alive, signed to the Greatest Record Label. Sounds great with MF Doom and Prefuse 73.
Works often with Blockhead
Music foe Earthworms
Labor Days
Daylight EP
Bazooka Tooth
Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, and Knives EP
by NeL March 01, 2005
An emcee best known for his symbolic raps, so much to the point that you might have to listen to his songs multiple times to understand his meaning. His CD's include "Labor Days", "Bazooka Tooth", "Float", and "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, & Knives."

His topics cover such a wide range he's impossible to classify within rap itself; rather, he encompasses all stretches of hip-hop (save the crappy mainstream stuff, which shows the soul and poetic ability of a mentally challenged sea horse).
"I have yet to find a day in life worthy of my saluting"
- Winners Take All, Aesop Rock
by Dekh December 29, 2005
A fantastic hip-hop artist.
Aesop Rock's "Labor Days" is one of my favorite albums.
by MrElectricOcean February 15, 2005
A rapper from New York who has brought "nerd rap" to the front of the Hip-Hop scene. His specialty is that of complex metaphors and meticulous storytelling.
Songs such as: No Regrets, 11:35, Daylight, Babies With Guns, Drawbridge.
by Deep Space Evil 9MM April 29, 2005
A dope underground hip hop artist. People often pass his music off as whatevs simply because they hear it but they aren't really listening. Most of his songs tell incredible stories and have deep meanings that most kids just wrap their minds around so they go back to listening to Chris Brown and Drake.
"If the Jesus piece around your neck is bigger than your pistol, it makes homicide okey-dokey and your God will forgive you. Just tell the saints at heavens gate, you should be on the list. I hear he over looks manslaughter for a tattooed crucifix"
"Babies with guns"
Aesop Rock

"isnt it strange how its a fad to bite your idols when the whole reason u liked em was cuz there shit wasnt recycled" -Aesop Rock "Frijoles"

"all i ever wanted was to pick apart the day and put the pieces back together my way" - Aesop Rock "daylight"
by astropuff October 21, 2011
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