a very boring store that has butterflies and monkeys all over everything and is directed toward 11 year old girls and people with no sense of individuality and style. it's also the worst place to work for considering they make you stay until 12 in the morning folding clothes, and thats if they close at nine. if you've ever been in one you know that employee that stalks you and pitches you the product of the day and you want to punch them in the face.
manager with OCD: you have to make the piles perfect at aeropostale!!!

employee: fuck this shit, im gonna go work at ae where they dont make you attack the customers as soon as they walk in the door.
by jill5287 November 20, 2005
A store that makes you wear their logo on your shirts, underwear, pants, hoodies, and anything else that they could in exchange for cheap clothing.
Don't shop as Aeropostale unless you're high.
by blahblahblah1 November 07, 2005
poor mans prep store
Abercrombie T-shirt 29.80
Hollister Co. T-shirt 19.50
Aeropostale T-shirt 12.50
by Lalalauren June 17, 2005
A store where usually kids the age of 10-13 shop because they want to be more preppy and need the logo. Usually if you shop there, you're immature and mom doesn't want you shopping at AE, A&F, or Hollister. The middle class kids shop there because they can't afford a $30 shirt from somewhere, so they need to cope with a $15 shirt.
Kid: Mom, can we go to Abercrombie?
Mom: No, it's too expensive. You know we can't afford it. Go to aeropostale.
Kid: Okay! They've got cute clothes with pretty butterflies!
by Chanel Thomas January 17, 2006
A cheap prep wanna be store were you can find polos with multi colored butterflies and little girls that think they are mature. they all buy little skorts because there mom won't let them wear mini skirts. the store is like a cross between Abercrombie, American Eagle and Limited Too. I dont know how they managed to do that.
Amanda "Where did you get that polo with that wierd butterfly on it?!"
Rachel "Aeropostale!"
by only the coolest girl March 24, 2005
A wonderfully tacky clothing store for middle school aged kids that want to be viewed as a prep but do not realize that Aeropostale is just a wannabe AE or Abercrombie. They specialize in overpriced T-shirts with glitter and cartoon ducks.
Susie- Look at my new terry-clothe running pants from Aero!
Me- ugh.
by Teegan February 19, 2004
aeropostale is a gay store that only has clothes that have ducks and frogs on them and monkeys that have stupid sayings on them. some thing are alright but not realy. i hate that store. its a cheap wannabe version of ae and a&f. they are so muuch better! don't go to aeropostale!
drea- like wanna go to aero?
frances- arg, why do you go there, all it is is ducks and monkeys!
drea- how about american eagle
frances- thats so much better
by la December 05, 2004

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