An awesome store for teens, girls and boys filled with fantabulous clothes. They have millions of tees, tanks, jeans, and hoodies. This store is juniors sizes from x-small to x-large. Extended sizes are xx-small to xx-large. SHOP HERE!!!!
This adorable camisole is from Aeropostale.
by AERO LOVER!!!! December 10, 2009
A cool store that has better quality clothes than A&F (e.g. see through and tears at shoulders)
And for those against cute animals on clothes
aero barely has monkeys and turtles and ducks on its clothes anymore. Aero, abercrombie, A&F, Hollister, THEY'RE ALL MADE IN THE SAME PLACE. Just A&F tries to make their clothes look skankier by making the fabric oh-so-transparent
Girl 1: Hey let's go shop at abercrombie
Girl 2: NO EFFIN WAY abercrombie is overpriced. Aeropostale is more affordable and a lot less skankier.
Girl 1: Oh yeah, i don't want to look like a slut.
by kaira_xoxo November 07, 2008
A store in the mall that sells both juvenile and stylish clothes.

Is often described as a cheap rip-off of hollister and ae, but it's not. aero has pretty much the same styles as them, it's just the clothing material is not as good. they have soft clingy stuff, while aero has synthetic clingy stuff that makes you sweat. But they definetely are cheaper than other stores. So go in there and you will get a bargain, but be sure to search thoroughly for good clothes!
Girl1: Oh hey, did you get that shirt from Hollister?
Girl2: No, Aeropostale. It was cheaper but worse material.
by Shopper May 03, 2007
a gay piece of shit store that sells corny shitrs that say A87 on them as if people wanna be seen with Aero shirts on.
Alyssa; i LOVE Aeropostale like Omg farizzle yo
Megan; ew, faggot. The only thing good about that is the dude that works there.
Alyssa; ooh give me his name so i can steal him from you like i did with JUSTIN.
Megan; cockblock your fat, he wont like you.
Alyssa; im tElling my daddy and sister.
Got off track, but true story.
by meganishotaahyeah February 08, 2011
A wannabe store for unpopular poor people who want to shop at a name brand store but can't afford other stores. If you walk into Aeropostale you will only see:

a) Children from the ages of 6-10 who want to shop at a "teen store"

b) Unpopular teenagers who want to shop at a store others shop at.

c) Middle-schoolers whose family can't afford other name brands so they buy Aeropostale, thinking it will make them instantly cool.
Jessie: OMG, have you seen Rachels new jacket?
Emily: Its from Aeropostale, shes such a wannabe.
by coolgirl4342 July 24, 2012
An affordable clothing store that has great quality. Actually pronounced "Air-oh-pah-sahl", the T is silent.
I love Aéropostale's global warming t-shirts. They are so cute and comfy!
by Amanderrs July 10, 2008
It is completely unrealistic for people to be judged on their clothes or their belongings.

do you think it makes someone a better friend to be rich?
-even if so, if someone shops at expensive stores does it make them rich?
Sometimes someone might be dirt poor, but their parents spend loads of money on them and they are really spoiled.
abercrombie, hollister, and ae are thought to be so fabulous or whatever right?
well i mean i shop their too! But y is aeropostale sometimes considered a prep wannabe store
Let me give some background information about myself: my dad owns a private company and is a founder for some of the engineering found in your computer. my mother is a heart surgeon. and we live in a 2.5 million dollar house. not that this matters, but i'm trying to prove a point about the stores that we shop in.

i'll go to all these "high end" stores like abercrombie or w/e and buy some stuff.

but if you want to know real high end, take a look at where my parents and their friends shop; gucci and saks 5th avenue.

personally aeropostale is one of my favorite stores actually beating hollister and abercrombie and ae, because of the actual things that they have.
it's a place where i can actually get some shorts that follow dress code and aren't half way up my butt.
so when i'm at harvard, and all these sluts only money come from prostitution you let me know which path you would have rather taken.

i know it is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but the point is that someone who shops at aero is not necessarily a wannabe or a prep. people are individual and shop where they like the clothes and the clothes match their personality.

what i do hate are the posers who shop at aero for only the tees that have the brand name or w/e because they think that it earns them some kindof social status.

i could easily afford those even higher end stores, but choose not to. i don't feel like wasting money, but rather getting clothes that i like more.

my dad gives me a 100,000 to spend every year on whatever i like, but instead of buying all these pointless overpriced things and material stuff, i choose to invest my money in wise stocks.

I ABSOLUTELY have nothing against abercrombie, hollister, and AE. they are some of my favorite stores.
but i would rather people judge me on my inside, and thats y most of my peers have no idea i'm rich.

these things are pointless or redundant; but what i'm saying is that just based on where people shop, doesn't mean you can place a label on them

all you super "preps" out there. call me a wannabe if you like, or call that girl you don't know one-- but you never know who they really are.
the girl-next-door: omg - we should totally go shopping at abercrombie this weekend!

Me: ya sure. we should hit aeropostale 2!

the girl next door : ewwww. shop there. that place is for wannabes! don't shop there you not poor or can't afford the higher end stuff.

me: i know. but i would rather go there and get something i like and be able to have people judge me for who i am.

the girl next door: SURE! lemme know when you wanna hang out. we're still buds no matter what.
by Stayrealbuddy! May 13, 2009

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