Correctly Spelt Erin; A Teenage Girl Who Has Strange Habits, I'm Not Going To Lie. She Thinks She's Pretty Fly Though.
me - Hey Aerin how've you been?

Erin - I'm Going To Punch You Next Time I See You

me - ....

Erin - In The Ovaries.
by OldManBlues June 17, 2011
Top Definition
1. n. Name of original Princess of faries in Ireland 2. adj. synonym for amazing 3. adj. Red headed epitome of awesomness
1. She's so lovely she reminds me of Aerin
2. "Dude that stunt was aerin!"
3. "Have you seen the new aerin senior in school? She's hot!!!!"
by archaicwordss January 25, 2010
(air-in) If you have this name you are probably really kind and sometimes get your name mispronounced by idiots who can't read. Aerin is probably afraid of bugs and prefers to stay inside. They should also be very successful at getting a job. They're not good at communicating thoughts very well and have a few close friends, yet is friendly with all. Aerin although has a few admirers has trouble when trying to understand love.
Aerin: 'There's a girl over there by herself. Should I talk to her.... I want to but I don't know what to say...'
Girl: -gets up and walks out of the classroom-
Aerin: 'Aw whatever nevermind'
by cleonaya November 11, 2013
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