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The girl all girls want to be, and men want to have. The pinnacle of human beauty accompanied by the personality to match. Often has the habit of giving inanimate object names and telling the lamest jokes, but with the smile that makes your heart melt instantly. An absolute legend in the bed, this girl will make your whole world spin. Guys, find yourself an Aedín, as they are AMAZING!!
Look at that girl, she's trying to be an aedín.
by Aedin lover August 04, 2013
a girl who is beautiful and funny to a mediochre extent

likes to personify objects on a daily basis to contribute to the lols. her main quotes would be 'good on me' and 'sure look..'

this girl has fantastic abilities to qualify above and beyond her class 2 years earlier than expected and also has skills with the boys to fund her favourite drinks - blue wkd.

when needs be, she will take u under her wing and cradle you on her volumptuos bosoms until you feel happy again.
that girls quite the LOL...yeh....thats Aedín.
by yehyehfunkyyeh May 27, 2011

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