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An anal sex toy in the shape of an aardvark, named after its homosexual creator.
Advoor AKA Rehan is a homo
by Advoor the Barbarian February 20, 2005
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clever cool noun respect
first established from a online game (tribal wars) where it caught on, and was then followed on by many people using the name throughout the internet, but mostly by 'elites'. Now commonly used offline aswell by many youths trying to earn respect.

The word Advoor is used as a title, given to those you would think are 'cool' or clever or of higher position then yourselves;

commonly used as a noun, replacing the persons actual name - see examples.
"You are THE Advoor"
"Wish I was as cool as Advoor"
"The Advoor is the shitz!"
by Thz Blobby August 06, 2009
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