A two to three-hour block on Cartoon Network that has yet to show an adult or mature cartoon.
Although the concept of Adult Swim is a fucking joke, some of the cartoons, such as Sealab and the Oblongs, are well crafted and chock full of humor.
by AYB June 16, 2003
(N.) A block of Sitcom Cartoons and Anime that despite the name, is really suitable for anyone past the 6th Grade. Some of the shows (such as Family Guy, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop) are actually worth watching, while the rest of them are just quickly canceled animated sitcoms that Comedy Central hasn't gotten the rights to yet. (Home Movies, Futurama, etc.) Most of them come on on Sunday, along with a few funny originals, such as The Brak Show, and Sealab 2021.
Adult Swim has as much good shows, as they do bad. The rest of the quick canceled cartoon sitcoms are on Comedy Central on Late Night Sundays. They consist of The Critic, Duckman, Gary and Mike, Dilbert, Clerks, and a whole wide assortment of other crap.
by G-Union October 14, 2003
time with no kids in the pool; the adults can feel each other up without worrying that some 10-year-old with goggles is going to see them.
My dad slipped my mom a boner during adult swim and I was born 9 months later. After that they were more careful to use condoms.
by Jake February 28, 2004
Block of Cartoons for the older crowd.
Was much much Better when they just had the old people getting into the pool as bumps instead of nonsensical BS that nobody feels like reading.
by T December 07, 2004
A thing on Cartoon Network that is not as good as it used to be.They are putting on a bunch of live action crap.They still have good shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force,Bleach, Robot Chicken,and Shin Chan.A show that I get tired of is Inuyasha and Futurama.
someone:When will futurama be over.Adult swim is getting ridiculous
by Gregory Hollenbeck June 14, 2007
A block of cartoons on Cartoon Network of which 4 (Family Guy, Futurama, Sealab 2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force) are actually adult oriented. The anime shows are junior high school oriented material in Japan and shows that the U.S. still has a small complex about what is acceptable material in cartoons.
I watch adult swim for the hilarious U.S. cartoons, and not for the wapanese pleasing anime which they think is the Holy Grail.
by D. Arse August 26, 2004
Whats on cartoon network after the kiddies have to go to bed. Used to have Cowboy Bebop and for awhile had Fooley Cooley. Occasionally they have some good shows on, but it pretty much sucks nowadays.
Wohoo time for some of that adult swim.
by me October 11, 2003
A sub-division of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim attempts to make itself seem "edgy" by insulting, berating, and calling for the death of its own viewers. This attitude is only feigned to a certain extent, as the Adult Swim cast is aware that the vast majority of its viewers have no alternative to see the anime that it offers.
Adult Swim's primary target for this abuse are fans of the anime series "Inu-Yasha", as a number of fans of this series became angry and sent them angry email after it was taken out of the lineup. In truly childish style, Adult Swim felt that the proper response was to flame the fans in kind.
"Anything that encourages killing Inu-Yasha fans is okay by us."
-adult swim
by Rann October 04, 2004

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