A two to three-hour block on Cartoon Network that has yet to show an adult or mature cartoon.
Although the concept of Adult Swim is a fucking joke, some of the cartoons, such as Sealab and the Oblongs, are well crafted and chock full of humor.
by AYB June 16, 2003
the only good thing on TV when one is stoned
I watched adult swim last night. It was hilarious because I was stoned. I love meatwad.
#aquateen hunger force #family guy #stoned #cartoon network #futurama
by Jim Joe Johnsonville Bratwurst April 05, 2006
The best channel on tv period. plays shows like family guy and futurama.
Turn on adult swim family guys on
#best #channel #family guy #funny #cartoons
by Lakers4life89 December 11, 2010
Not a damn cartoon show. more for the adults that actually have a life and a swimming pool. adult swim is the act that takes place after all the kids are in bed asleep, and the beer has been flowing.
hey baby the kids in bed asleep. you ready to head out to the pool for a little adult swim?
#aquatrot #hanky panky #skinny dipping #pool sex #adult swim
by yomikey75 March 20, 2009
1: Anime block on Cartoon Network. When this block is airing, it's the one of the only times TV is worth anyone's time.
2: At many public pools, the time when 100+ kids have to live with cold @$$es and step out of the pool so two old farts can soak their feet.
1: Family Guy is the best show on Adult Swim, and one of the only shows that teenagers and adults can hang on to instead of watching gay channels like Disney Channel.
2: Lifeguard: Adult Swim!!!
Old Lady: Yay! I get to make my feet cold in this square
foot of the pool and watch all those kids drip
wet and freeze!
#adult #swim #awesome #not gay #anime #cartoon network
The greatest block on Cartoon Network, and arguably the single greatest block of all time. Houses comedy shows such as Futurama, Family Guy, and Harvey Birdman, and also anime such as Inuyasha, Ghost in the Shell, and many more. Let's face it- there's too many too count anymore.
When Adult Swim takes over The Simpsons, it will have all that is required to take over all of TV as we know it.
#simpsons #tv #cartoon network #ma #hilarious
by teh cabose November 02, 2005
A pretty awesome show lineup on an otherwise pretty shitty channel, Cartoon Network.
"If you can't stand Toonami, just be patient. Adult Swim will come on in time." - me
by Cortana Dragoon July 02, 2005
best way to spend you're weekend nights after smoking a blunt and then later topping it all off with some hentai.
i have to take a huge dump but i wont because id rather get a bowel obstruction than miss tim and eric awesum show on adult swim
#adult swim #cartoon network #boobs #weed #butt sex
by neonskeleton September 12, 2008
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