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A two to three-hour block on Cartoon Network that has yet to show an adult or mature cartoon.
Although the concept of Adult Swim is a fucking joke, some of the cartoons, such as Sealab and the Oblongs, are well crafted and chock full of humor.
by AYB June 16, 2003
The layziest, craiziest, most innovative group of potheads that have ever been not fired from telliviesion. Best known for cheeply produced cartoons(i.e. Aqua Teen Hunger Force, 12 oz. Mouse) and have even resorted to rehashing footage of old Hanna- Barbarra cartoons that result in the cheepest laughs on tellivision, both litterally and figuritivly.

They are also known for having the newest episodes of Family Guy right after FOX airs them, and have been known to run every other FOX cartoon in existance, exept The Simpsons. They really hate when you ask for The Simpsons
"If you're up past midnight, your likely watching Adult Swim"
by hatespamneverspam January 30, 2010
The place you go from Sunday-Thursday and Saturday night if you got nothin' else to do or got no life. Friday is taken up by some kiddie stuff on cartoon network but you can go to adult swim's website and watch episodes that will be on on Sunday.
Well, I've got nothin' else to do tonight. Time to watch some Adult Swim and get wasted.
by ohssnap January 13, 2006
Best time block on Cartoon Network, but
(unfortunately) the only place mainstream fans see anime other than their DVDs from the Adult Swim online store.
Adult Swim anime watchers should take a chance and buy non-dubbed, import DVDs.
by Geek-O-Man February 15, 2005
1. What Cartoon Network should be airing all day everyday.

2. When no minors are allowed in the pool.
1. I'm tired of these kiddy cartoons that got bad after 1999, they need to air adult swim all day!

2. It's adult swim time in the pool, no kids allowed!
by ThtGy September 14, 2009
A block of shows on cartoon network that are on after 11. Supposedly for adults, basically appropriate for all graduates of elementary school. Contains american cartoons, anime, and wierd shows that really creep you out (super milk-chan, robot chicken, etc.) Cartoon Network should put it on in the morning and get rid of the other BS they show.
Rurouni Kenshin should be on adult swim, it really isn't a kiddie anime.
by Misha February 21, 2005
a night time television on Cartoon Network. It is best enjoyed when you are high.
now that I've finished this blunt, i'm gonna go watch some quality television like adult swim.
by ptero_patrick October 17, 2010
The late-night block on Cartoon Network, which pertains to adults, and is actually the only thing good on television right now. Everything else sucks ass.
I watch Adult Swim until my eyes bleed!
by MasterOfMilkshakes November 11, 2008