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At new undiscovered 14 year old pop singer/songwriter with actual talent. He has been singing since he was 4 and loves to make videos and post them on youtube. Although people say that he is a Justin Bieber look-alike, he isn't. His facial structure is much different than Bieber's and his style is much more laid back. He currently has to songs out right now, one called Shawty and another called Tonight. All of his songs are copy-written. Shawty is an upbeat dance track while Tonight shows a more sensitive side of Adrian. He auto-tunes his voice for the effect of it. He has a video out now that shows off his raw talent, singing a Justin Beiber mash-up that he truly makes his own. Adrian Easton is bound to be the next craze as girls are now growing bored of JB. Check him out at

Easton Fan: Who cares, Bieber is old news. Adrian Easton is where its at!

Bieber Fan: Who's that?
by MissHottieCakes May 12, 2011
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