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A boner that pops during a rush of adrenaline, in a completely non-sexual way.
When we were going up the lift on the roller coaster, my balls started tingling. At the bottom of the first drop, I had a full-on adrenaline boner.
by rogerthewhale May 01, 2013
The term for when something is too exciting and gives you a feeling of immense pleasure.
Stan: Hey man, what did you think of skydiving?
Ryan: It was insane, it gave me the biggest adrenaline boner of my life!
by papasmurph94 May 07, 2011
a boner from doing exiting things like getting a new console, skydiving, zip lining over revenes, sudden drops in an airplane, or getting to a fight
person 1: dude, i had a giant adrenaline boner from skydiving yesterday, it was rock hard
person 2: nice!
by thesmartjew March 17, 2016
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