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Horny little brown boy. Horniness is visible through his eyes.
1: are you horny?
Adreece: how did you know?
1: your eyes.
Adreece: oh, well yes then.
by rawrrawrsexyy November 27, 2009
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Usually a man with many female characteristics. May also sometimes be considered a she-male. Brown cultured man who loves to make love in public areas, despises vegetarian food, and loves his meat. Known to be a crazy pshyco-path, but one of the most good looking ones out there. Also likes to sound smart and make up many words that sound somewhat smart. Looks like an ancient God.
person a: What do you want to eat tonight?
Person adreece: Lots of meat, maybe some of yours?
Person a: (afraid, but agrees to such a grand opportunity)
by Wictor-me-throat. November 27, 2009

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