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An adoptomonster is a person who adopts a child but should not have been allowed to do so. This person is abusive to the adopted child, either physically, psychologically, or sexually. Many adoptomonsters are pedophiles, drug/alcohol addicts, mentally ill, or just plain evil.

Adoptomonsters have no problems passing adoption agency "home studies" because these "studies" do not include thorough background checks, psychological exams, or drug testing.

Most adoptomonsters are considered "upstanding citizens" in their communities and hide the abuse they inflict on their purchased (adopted) children from the view of their friends, extended families, and community.

Adoptomonsters are everywhere. They appear to be "normal" people. But, make no mistake about it, they are NOT saints. There is a warm place in Hell for adoptomonsters.
by ChrisMara August 24, 2013
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