The Adolf Shitler ( a-dolf shit-ler)

To masterbate (jerk off) with a hand full of feces (poo, shit, crap etc.)
Sometimes refered to as the Vladasmear Poopin (vlad-a-smear poo-pin)

or the Shitler

The Adolf Shitler is a masterbation technique that was founded on the South A sort asile of UPS in Horsham Pennsylvania during twilight shift (6pm-9:30pm). An employee, a rather odd fellow was struck with a bout of irritable syndrome. Knowing that he had no time to make it to the restroom he simply cupped his hand and did his best to contain his bowel movement. Previously during the evening he complained of stomach irritation from the consumption of tacos and hot sauce. Whilst having his hand full of feces he continued to the restroom where upon arrival he began to masterbate with the hand full of feces.
by King Philly July 10, 2009
Top Definition
Derivation of the Nasty Sanchez: when having sex with your parter from behind, you stick one finger in your partners ass and wipe down under their nose creating an image of the leader of the Third Reich.
"Oh man, I was pounding this M.I.L.F. from behind and I gave her the Adolf Shitler!"
by Brentwood Moe February 04, 2005
A person who shits with such force and cruelty that they could qualify for a Nazi.
*A loud excretion noise is heard*
Person 1: OMG! Did you just hear that? What an Adolf Shitler!
by HandFlapper403 April 08, 2011
Top poop in the upperdecker of a toilet and wait for the victim to flush
Oh man! My mom got Adolf Shitlered yesterday and we can't go in the house!
by Hansolo McBuerg October 05, 2015
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