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An adobe pancake is performed after consuming high fiber organic foods and must take place in sunny, warm weather. To create, a women or man, lies in the sun on their back. The woman's or man's partner then squats over their stomach and defecates a full bowel release. Upon excretion, the feces is patted to a flat, one inch consistency with the hands or simply by patting it down with the provider's ass. The adobe pancake begins to form as the feces dries and hardens in the sun. Then end results is a solid, durable, material. Adobe pancakes are achieved with best results when performed on vacation in the Middle East, North Africa, South America, Southwestern North America, and in Spain.
After a day of sight seeing in southern New Mexico, John and Cindy returned to their sunny resort side pool. Inspired by the adobe architecture of the dessert southwest, John dropped trousers by the pool and dumped a load on Cindy's stomach where he patted it down and it eventually cured to a delightful Adobe Pancake in the hot desert sun.
by Pierce Hyman June 05, 2009
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