An administrator of a message board or message forum, who is nothing short of an Internet Hitler. The Admininazi is easy to spot by the ridiculously long, irrational rules they concoct for the users of their message board/forum to respect and follow.

Admininazis are also very quick to punish users who break the rules, and make examples of them. This usually involved forum restrictions, as well as verbal abuse and obvious public displays of their dislike for said user. Though this bothers other users, they don't dare complain because they know this would get them on the Admininazi's 'shit list'.

In some cases, the Admininazi will 'rule' over their staff moderators, rather than work with them as a fully functional group.

An Admininazi is nothing short of a bully, with a computer and an ISP connection. If you run across one, just try to keep in mind that their real lives are probably not very fulfilling, happy, or satisfying. They probably have very little social interaction off of the Internet, and are very pathetic, lonely human beings.
Person 1: I'm done with the forums. I can't stand putting up with that damn Admininazi and her control issues anymore.

Person 2: You're not the only one. She has no idea how many people hate her because of how she abuses the users.
by anonymous May 08, 2005
Top Definition
An administrator of a message board or message forum, who abuses his or her administrative power.

Tell tale signs of an Admininazi:

- They read other people's private messages/PMs.
- They install board hacks and mods that allow for them to snoop on their forum/board users.
- They ban, punish, publicly mock and insult, or otherwise torture users they dislike for their own personal reasons.
- They spend a great deal of time complaining, bitching, and being verbally bitter.
- They ignore user requests.
User: OMFG! That fucking Admininazi has been reading my private messages! ABUSIVE OF POWER!

User: 3 months ago I asked the damn Admininazi of the forums to please change my user title, but she still hasn't answered my PM, or changed the title.

User: Watch out! If you tell her you think she has an attitude problem, she'll go into Admininazi mode, and restrict your access.
by anonymous May 08, 2005
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