Like A Boss Yo, Like A G6, swag man, apple juice can bring the life to the party..dawg
WOW you are such an Aditi good job bro
by ikhwaoi May 26, 2012
Top Definition
a gorgeous goddess who is the creation of life
aditi is a name from india.
by loves2dance January 14, 2005
An absolutely gorgeous girl, who is always put down and usually doesnt believe her own beauty. She has luscious hair, dazling eyes and a stunning face. Her personality could win anyones heart over and she is just a beautiful person in general, with a true heart. She has been through so much, but she is one of the strongest girls. She rarely smiles, even though her smile is one of the prettiest.
"Who is that?"
"Oh thats Aditi.K" (Initials of her)
"Wow shes gorgeous"
"I know! Shes beautiful, but shes never smiling"
"Lets go cheer her up, Shes been through so much. Its the least we could do".
by anonnoymous222 September 21, 2011
beautiful goddess; queen of the universe, especially the queen of love who has to beat off lovers with a stick
worship aditi
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
A graceful and elegant woman.
Mother of Gods in Hindu Mythology.
Mother of Vaman (avatar of Lord Vishnu) in Hinduism.
Aditi is beautiful and gracious.
by Dev Singh October 06, 2006
when someone is cool and weird at the same time.
oh my god, shes really aditi.
by coool_gals May 18, 2007
The best friend you could wish for. Has odd, yet amazing likes. She is beautiful, smart, and attractive. She's liked by all the boys she comes across.
That girl is so beautiful, but she is always doing math! She doesn't date! She's such an Aditi!
by Josefine Hansen February 21, 2012
when someone is just purrre awesome!!
she is soo ADITI man!!!
by tomj234 June 18, 2011
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