a small type of bird that lives in london. Associated with budgies. reffered to as O'y'y'y'y'y'y'y'y'y'y'y'y. Is very unpopular. is a prik
Ure an adit
he just said an adit
is it a bird, is it plane, no its adit
adit is gay
by Joe June 19, 2006
Top Definition
if you do an Adit you say something really funny and then pat yourself on the back and say 'good one adit'
this is followed by a mass hummus consuming sesh.
'i could really do with an adit right now'
'aaahh you did a right adit just then'
by gowriii_x October 11, 2009
A really cool kid from India attending school in America. Has excellent English. Enjoys playing Halo and other video games. Can kick my ass in AOE III. Laughs at the phrase "mother trucker". Chooses to stay away from fruit punch.
The guy that lives in 305 is such an Adit!!!
by buttered_toast March 19, 2009
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