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Adie is a girl who is wonderful in all ways possible yet is extremely modest. She is shy and funny and energetic. When you have an Adie for a girlfriend, count on the fact that she will put all her trust in you, making you feel awful when you break a promise to her. She never really shows that she's happy when you do something nice for her, but inside she's extremely joyful. Adie is the perfect girl.
by sigmaagapomtinolikardiamu September 10, 2011
Adie is the name for a cool sister of older age.
Dude, your sister is so adie, i wish mine was.
by Buzzzy December 14, 2007
Adie's are girls who are naturally themselves. Adie's make good girlfriends, they like to cook awesome foods and love to spend a lot of time cuddling. Adie's are like friendly sloths, they want nothing more than to be loved and have something to cling to. Adie's also have amazing music taste, they are very eclectic and love anything vintage and off-beat. Adie's are timid at times too, they very tediously break the rules which makes them incredibly good partners for adventures, even if it's just running to the grocery store. Adie's are also very trusting, they love despite everything and it's a heartbreaker when their feelings are hurt because Adie's are too sweet to be sad. Any guy who finds an Adie needs to be very nice and a courteous gentlemen because they are worth their weight in gold.
"Dude, I met an Adie at Dairy Queen this weekend. She was so choice!"
by DDukes94 December 03, 2013
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