a noun that describes a boy that is more than a friend but less than a boyfriend
I: "Our relationship is so awkward. He's more than my friend but he's not my boyfriend"

K: "That's definitely Adi status"
by Jennifaaa August 05, 2007
One who lies about his grades.
"Hey guys I just got a 97." In reality, he received a 66.
by ADI December 02, 2003
an uglt the flea who peas frequently near a tree in a fridge near a bridge.
Aditya is an adi,; now u know why
by adig ly December 22, 2004
an abreviation for AdIOS spanish for GoOdByE used as slang for losers who cant speak english
AdI PrEgGO!!
AdI! AdI! like bye bye
by Bot Jon December 11, 2004
N. Slang for Goodbye, short for Adios tha spanish word
Judah~Be Easy
Malcom~Aiight man Adi
by BlizzardAW September 25, 2005
a girl that likes other women, not doing her homework or making out with her dog.
that girl is such an adi... she made out her dog all night!
by TJBx23x September 13, 2010
To be an absloute italian dickhead or fuckhead that no one likes.
Hey Jim look at that Italian cunt, ADI, what a fucking dickhead, hope he gets hit by a bus.
by hms28336 June 23, 2009
A really really screwd up black metal bassist that lives in weymouth, in england. Has a really screwd up preception of allmost everything. hates religion. Hates political correctness. Hates poofy music such as oasis. Only likes really really heavy satanic music.
Hey...i'm adi and i'm wierd..fuck you you fuckign christian go fuck god!!
by adi January 07, 2005
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