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The band smart enough to get rid of Marky Chavez.
Marky Chavez is way fucking emo.
by feathered roadapple March 29, 2005
Synonymous with the word suck; Commonly used in metaphors to describe other bands.
This band is extremely Adema!
by Joe Notaman March 09, 2005
A really good band with a unique sound
The self titled CD is better.
by FiZZiX May 17, 2004
A unique-sounding nu-metal band from the US. Though relatively unknown, they still have a quite a big number of fans.
They create songs that vary in the nu-metal sound, from soft and angelic to heavy and angry.
Adema are a kick-ass band!
by Horvat April 24, 2005
1. (noun, slang): see salvia divinorum.
2. Adema (noun): rock band.
I smoked some adema and then turned into a sombrero on a dude's head in Mexico!
by Learned Larry July 02, 2004
A band that has great musical talent and is anything but a gay MTV metal band.
Buy their CD's. They are one of the few good new bands to come out.
by awex January 05, 2004
a badass band that everyone should listen to or someone will die.
dude adema owns so hard im freaking out man
by chris May 31, 2003