A condition characterized by blurting out intellectual facts mingled with a compulsive need to be non-sequitur.
That guy talked about corndogs then pointlessly driveled on about quantum chromodynamics. He must have Adam's Syndrome.
by captnzitnook August 14, 2010
Top Definition
It is a mental situation where you find yourself mad about asian girls and to be seen all the time hanging around them, travelling to Asian countries, following Asian events and eating in Asian restaurants all in hope to hook up Asian girls. The situation said to be started with a famous white tall American biologist from USA by the name of Adam Beal in the 21 century.
White girl 1: look at that white guy hitting on our Chinese friend!
White girl 2: ugh, he's son of bitch, it's Adam's syndrome spreading like fire among them!
by Az28 April 10, 2011
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