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The car that i had for a couple of months till i got tired of it. It looks exactly like a civic and i tried to convince myself that the tsx is the new rsx but its no use. tsx is a lot nicer in every aspect. i tried to make it look better by modding it and "keeping it clean" but it was useless its not a nice car. Even stock people looked at it as a semi ricer cuz acura makes it look fast with its MASSIVE 4 cylinder engine.

I got tired of being called i was in a girls car and its true, rsx's are very girly. they're tiny, metro looking, and a hatchback to plant stuff in its ass. by the time i tintied, debadged(didnt want people to know i was driving an ACURA which claims to be a "luxury brand" but the truth is that even the honda accord is ten times nicer than the rsx. The Acura rsx should not be allowed to compare itself to true luxury brands such as lexus or infiniti. Other acura's are nicer but they all seem to fall in the "im to cheap to buy a real car" category.

I'm sorry if i offended anyone but you can ask anyone and they'll say its a decent car that looks like its worth 10k at most and looks girly. Seriously no one buy one, your no better than the civic down your street and you better not start comparing it to newer acuras because the truth of the matter is that acura stopped making the rsx to introduce the newer and improved HONDA CIVIC, thats a fact, the owners of acura said that. No amount of tint or mods can clean one up.

Since a while ago i sold it, bought myself a new accord and i actually get compliments now that i have a nicer car. Yes i am saying the accord is beter. And i'm even more glad that i sell them because i see rsx's that either painted their emblems the same color as their car( black emblems on black car) and it looks like they're trying to disguise the fact they drive a crappy car.

To all rsx owners, i'm not saying sell your car, just admit that it sucks and that your mods are only making it look a little "nicer" and that the car is no different than a civic and stands out as much as a leaf in the forest. It doesn't get attention, at least not any good attention. Seriously do yourself a favor, dont try to pretend that you drive a nice car because people know its not nice and will think your stupid for thinking its nice. even if you know a lot about cars you should open your eyes and look at the common car of the people who think its nicer than other cars and later notice that its just on another car on the road, doesnt grab attention, looks OK at best, and tries to compare itself to nicer brands.
-Can i get a ride home?
You-Sure let me go get my beast....(pulls up in an acura rsx and friend doesnt even turn around)
-Why are you driving your sisters car?
you- i dont have a sister, this is mine
- oh.....well at least is it fast?
you- yeah, its surprisingly quick, you can hit like 120 and still feel sturdy as a rock
- oh, my brothers old corolla did that and for a second this looked like you were hiding the cars imperfections by painting emblems the same color as your car and adding a tiny spoiler cuz its "cleaner". But i really need a ride
you- its actually a nice car
- yeah when compared to a corolla but a Civic is nicer.

You- no the tsx is the new version of the rsx
- no the civic was the better version of the rsx, you should have just gotten a bettter car instead of pretending this is a good car
you- but acura sells more cars and are best rated "luxury brand"
-they sell more cuz theyre cheap and its not a luxury brand, lexus and infiinti are, not this rsx.....

by Former nice "rsx" owner September 07, 2009
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