A girl who wears flannel with a v neck and beanie. Often accompanied by jeans and converse. She is so named an action jackson due to her incredible ability to attract other females.
So I go to this gay club and there are days I try to get really girly and I get no play. But when I wear a flannel or like v neck and beanie and jeans and converse, i'm action jackson
by freakinsneakin November 05, 2010
Top Definition
A guy who thinks he gets a lot of action but really doesn't.
Action Jackson talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk.
by Anonymous April 22, 2003
A person who was and occasionally is a player/pimp for relatively short increments of time.
Action Jackson's wrist is frostbit.
by wazupfoo April 19, 2003
1. a title of a hit movie that came out around 1988. It is a parody of the James Bond films, which are a spoof in their own right in the first place.

2. Action Jackson got his nickname because he was spooted in his beat (off).
1. The film "Action Jackson" made quite a bit of moolah during the hot summer of 1988.

2. Action Jackson wants to go to town for some action but he has to work overtime so he...
by North Chicago Man March 15, 2009
One who enjoys flashing his body hair in the back corner of 9th grade social studies...then shaving it all off when he gets bored.
by Ryan-Marie April 21, 2003
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