An extreme case of awkwardness, often involving acne and breast licking propositions. Also the title of a 2006 Youtube trailor that has grown into a cult sensation.
A wall of ackward seperates an ackward person from people with friends. Ackward people are completely unacceptable.
by Joe Bills May 11, 2007
Top Definition
Ackward is the incorrect spelling of awkward. I'm so surprised that no one has corrected this on here.
It's often ackward when you spell everything else correctly but do not know how to spell awkward. Thus ruining your credibility forever.
by MyRealNameIsJames January 24, 2009
When awkward just isn't quite enough. More awkward than the awkward turtle.
"Did you see that guy spitting his game?"
"Yea, he looked straight ackward"
by wink91wink November 10, 2009
An incorrect way of saying Awkward. Most people will go along with it and not say anything, but eventually someone will point out that you have been saying it wrong your whole life.
--"Dude, that was so ackward"

--"Did you just say 'ackward'"


--"uh, you say AWKward. Not, ACKward."
by AwkwardTurtle1115 January 25, 2011
- when taylor mckinley thinks its spelt like that but really its spelt awkward and she still thinks its right..
that awkward moment when taylor mckinley thinks its spelt ackward.
by feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee March 28, 2011
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