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Syndrome charecterized by simple cognitive errors (so called "rookiness") , disportionately large Penile shaft (greater than 40cm) and unquinchable sexual appetite.

Epidemiology: 1 case in Australia from Warick QLD

Risk Factors include: Breeding in tasmania, Italian/lebanese exposure, surfing, sex, nandos

Treatment: Unfortuantley after years of research and funding...sadly there is no cure. The last known case Perished after tumescnece engorged the penis to a wopping 107cm, stroking out the victim.
News Article: Young female Queensland medical student impaled by 47cm Penis again and again prior to footy training. doctors and forensics agree the culprit suffers from Ackermanosis.

News Article: Firefighters were unable to lure women out of the top level in a burning building 40 stories high. Firefighters used a man sufferring from Ackermanosis to both reach the women and lure her to safety.
by Dr Hoho March 13, 2011
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