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the only known single of the bitch known as miley cyrus mullet haired redneck dad
Achy Breaky Heart sucks major ass
by mannny_540 September 07, 2008
The term used to describe the heart shaped welt left on a womans check face/ass after getting cock slapped by her partner. Common practice in adult movies as an intermission between felatio sessions to postpone dick spit.
I saw this girl at work yesterday that had a strange new welt on her face in the shape of an heart. It was definitely an achy breaky heart she got from her boyfriend that morning.
by Sevan Khatchatoorian April 06, 2005
The constant head swelling from an "L" shaped snapping of the penis which does not allow the rushing blood to continue circulating.
He was drunk and slamming her backdoor when he missed the hole and hit her ass cheek- snapping his penis in half.
by Burt April 05, 2005
When a girl is jerking you off, bust on her hands and then push her down the stairs.
Friend: What happened to your leg!?

Girl: My boyfriend gave me the Achy Breaky Heart.
by Dan, Giorgio, Yuri March 28, 2005
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