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Acetone is the organic compound with the formula OC(CH3)2. It is a colorless, mobile, flammable liquid and the simplest example of the ketones. Often used for its flammability by pyromaniacs and/or pyrotechnics. (But just because you use it doesn't mean you are one.)
Bystander: Are you buying acetone?
Pyrotechnic: I'm... using it as... paint remover?

Bystander: What are you doing with that acetone?
Exasperated bystander: Some idiot bought it as paint remover and almost burned the house down, I'm getting rid of it.
by Inferno&Anarchy May 18, 2010
Meaning to finger a girl. Used chiefly in nail polish remover and varnishes, as a general solvent, Acetone is a less vulgar reference to the word finger, derived from the fact that it is a key ingredient in the product of nail polish remover.
'Hey Brad, I saw you with your hand down Laura's jeans, anything happen?'
'Yeah, I totally Acetoned her.'
by Cailey Chesterbert May 27, 2009
A great legal high. It is found at the beauty supply store, and can seem like innocent nail polish remover, and that's what its sold under. If you sniff it, you get little high. If you inject it into yourself, it feels waaaaaaaaay good. I mean, like so fuckin high. It feels even better than heroin. It makes your nerves a little more sensitive, and it is a great sexual high. It makes life make sense, and everything seems blended around the edges. The only downside: do not use it if you don't like needles.
I got high on acetone, and then i ripped of his clothes.
by Jace Noelle March 07, 2007
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