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The kickass original lead guitarist for the band KISS. He is known for his lightning fast guitar solos, his space ace makeup,his bad boy reputation and his very distinctive laugh.
Girl one- Isnt Ace Frehley HOT?!?!
Girl two- Hell yes! hes hotter than hell!
by Crissy Ace May 11, 2006
The act in which one is so drunk or high, that you fall (take a spill) on the floor.
Dude 1: Look how drunk he is
Dude 2: I know,haha, I wanna see him take an Ace Frehley!
Dude 3: *stumbles and falls on floor*
Dude 1: *Laugh*
Dude 2: DUDE! He totally just took an Ace Frehley!!!
by Crissy Ace May 11, 2006