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When you know your "in" with a fine piece of ass.
-tyler and joe are at a party talking to two very attractive girls that quickly invite them back to their place. As they follow them into the house they look at each other, and they know

"we got an Ace on Base"

- After approaching a girl she quickly writes down her number on your forearm....Ace on Base
by Braveheart Brothers April 24, 2011
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When you know you have an in with a girl; when you know your about to get yours, and it's just a matter of when and where, cause you already know shes down.
I have this girl texting me all the time wanting to hang out. I have an Ace on Base, all I have to do is tell her what time to come over or when to meet up.

He's got that girl hanging all over him, so you already know he's got an Ace on Base
by Brocrastinators May 05, 2011
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When Someone (Andrew) is home or at a designated location (or) is in contol
1 Andrew arrives at party, "Ace on base"

2 "Bro where u at?" "Ace is on Base brohoob"

3 Don't worry Ace is on base
by Carodizzle May 10, 2010
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