A crazy ass vato who dealz with nature and its animals, known to be shitting the stick everywhere.
Oh my god! Did Ace Ventura eat that piece of shit on the floor?????
by Jex Bonepartz August 06, 2006
Top Definition
When someone farts in the car and the smell forces the driver to drive with his head out the window.
man you should have smelt this ace ventura john did last night.
by Vampyre January 24, 2004
(v.) Describes an irresponsible, or deliberate destruction of a parcel by a delivery driver who does not appreciate his job. Taken from the titular character's portrayal of a delivery driver in the only funny movie of Jim Carrey's career.
"Man, that FedEx driver must have Ace Ventura'd the hell out of my Antec box. The whole thing is trashed."

"That's why I ship with USPS, douche."
by RonindeBeatrice March 30, 2010
Driving with your head out the window like Ace Ventura. Reasons include farting passengers, frosted windshields, or for fun.
The windows were so foggy I had to Ace Ventura to school today!
by LRD October 22, 2009
a cover up name for girls gone wild
jacking off under a pillow, and naming a file ace ventura
by ggwrules October 18, 2009
An unfortunate situation for when you go to visit a girl and think you're onto a sure thing. You're then bitterly disappointed to be informed that 'When (mother) nature calls' and its the wrong time of the month.
Guy 1: so how'd it go with that girl last weekend?!

Guy 2: mate. Absolutely Ace Ventura'd...

Guy 1: *moment of silence*
by boyhardy March 17, 2014
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