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Girl found in Runescape typically trying to seduce men like Silomin with her swedish methods of seduction.
Kota21: someone buy this fleshlight shaped likes ace spitball's thing
Silomin: amg ill buy 50k
Squigtime: 60k here s0n
by sillyman June 21, 2009
Similar to a Stilly1, an Ace Spitball is a guy that pretends to be a girl in online adventure games such as Runescape. Why they do it one may never know...
Guy1: think i should hit on that alexis1010, she lives pretty close?
Guy2: dude 'shes' an ace spitball lol dont bother
guy3: ah shit..
See also stilly1
by fuckingshemales August 24, 2009
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