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Original French settlers of northeastern America in the 17th century. Friends to the native Mikmaq, neutral in the French/English hostilities. Deported from Acadie (Nova Scotia) by the English in the Grand Expulsion. Some landed in Louisiana, ancestors of the cajun. Others ended up across North America, in France, and even England.
We're proud of our Acadian roots.
by lanteigne September 30, 2005
Residents of Acadia (Later seperated into provinces New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia). Also unique brand of hick, they drive ATVs on a daily basis. Acadians speak a mixture of french and english plus slang wich they like to call "Chiac". Download some "Cayouche" too fully understand what I mean.
Damn those Acadians know how to drink! He downed a pint of Jack Daniels and still had room for a few beers. That 8th grader is a hardcore mofo. <- True story. Yours Truly.

Chiac: "Man, j'ai mi une straigt pipe sur mon buggy. J'irai crie ma 12 dans le fridge pi en ira driver dans les trails"
by Josh The Misanthrope October 13, 2005
See Cajun.

A bunch of French-Canadian people who decided to go live in the swamps of Louisiana and put too much spice on their food.
Those Acadians know how to party!
by Me August 16, 2003
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