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A person who will do anything in order to get high marks, often sucking up to (or sucking off) the man in the process.

Some ways to become an Academia Whore:
1. Sucking your prof's balls
2. Doing totally boring projects (50 page essays, anyone?) in order to score high marks
3. Not challenging profs when they're wrong
4. Not going out for beer with your buddies to do PDENG

Have you been busy sucking your prof's balls lately? You might be on your way to becoming an Academia Whore.
A: "You're such an Academia Whore, Bill"
B: "Yea I am"

B: "Shlurp Shlurp Shlurp"
Prof: "Oo yea play with my balls, you Academia Whore"

A: "Yo come with us to the bar"
B: "Naah I'm gonna stay home and be an Academia Whore"
by OVERLORD11 February 02, 2011
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