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abriana means young beautiful girl

abriana are very talented ex: singer,actor,dancer,fashion designer,paranormal investigator,chef,painter,writer abriana are so special if you end up with one keep her abriana are angel sent from heaven abriana are bubbly joyful loving caring truthful and never weak they will fight for there rights no matter what,abriana are beautiful pretty gorgeousness that there goddesses abriana love to love that who ever falls in love with abriana they will be scared to lose abriana,abriana are so trustful tell them any secret they will store it in there hearts locked away, abriana are fashionnistas there abriana eyes say a lot look in to them and you fallen in a trace of amazing life experience abriana love scary movie's once abriana leave this world they left a piece of them selves for everyone to remember abriana , abriana love giving back and loves to travel around the world to help other abriana love to stay young forever and that is exactly what they will do abriana's there is so much to say about them wow just wow there so incredible they have a amazing body and amazing features one glace at them and any guy could fall in love
abriana talents- singer,dancer,actor,fashion designer,paranormal investigator,chef,writer

abriana styles- amazing style edgy pop of color

abriana friend-best friend for life lose abriana and you lost a amazing person

abriana love- so amazing its like you live in your utopia

ex: abriana- i love you so much bf- baby i never want to lose you abriana- don't worry that wont happen i will always be by your side
by DIVA4LIFE February 20, 2013
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