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Abria is a beautiful name for a truly beautiful girl. She has a huge heart letting you know that beauty does come from the inside as well as the out. Abria is sensitive but also practical on all matters of life. To know an Abria as a friend, you know true friendship.
"I met this really cool girl today. She was smart, kind and really funny."

"She must have been an Abria."
by Bit'O'Precious February 18, 2010
A Beautiful, Creative, Smart, Funny, and Crazy girl. She has a temper, but she can control it at times. She loves her friends dearly. If you know her your very lucky. Not many people get to have her as a friend. If you know an Abria don't ever let her go.
Sara: So I met this Beautiful, Funny, Cute, and Smart Girl.

Jasmine: Then you must've met an Abria
by Cutie_luvs.u September 15, 2016
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