Grow your pubic hair out, so it is real bushy. Then, shave everything except scrotum, pubic hair, and shave out a top hat in the pubic hair around the base of the penis. then you have yourself an abraham lincoln. Show it to someone and it is worth two kicks.
I showed a friend the Abraham Lincoln and they congratulated me.
by Major League May 07, 2007
The dumbass who ended slavery
Jake: Dude, why is this black guy playing basketball on the TV, shouldn't he be in the field?

Nick: Nah, Abraham Lincoln ended slavery.

Jake: Fucking Lincoln!
by Adam Sobieraj July 02, 2010
1. The greatest president who ever lived. He freed the slaves and gave African Americans the freedom they deserve. He is a big reason why we now have a black president.

2. What a young boy's pubic area looks like after the pubic hair located above the shaft is shaved. The act is described as freeing the slaves (pubic hair) and once completed, the area resembles the image of Abraham Lincoln. It is important, however, to leave the scrotum untouched in order to retain the visual similarity.
While I was in the shower I took a razor to my pubes and when I was finished my genitals looked like Abraham Lincoln.
by Ricky Jewell February 06, 2009
1. A former US President
2. A dirty man that supposedly has sex with prostitues and women of high soceity constantly and vigorously
3. When someone does the act of cumming/ejaculating on ones face then shaving off ones pubic hair(pubes) and smacking them onto their face where you cummed.
A: I did an Abraham Lincoln
B: Yeah, hahahahhahahha
by scottysullivan October 03, 2006
When you jizz on a girls face then shave your pubes off to make a beird on her
I Abraham Lincoln'd your mom... twice
by Pakidz December 07, 2006
The greatest disease of a human being to live.

Liberals absolutely love him.

Many quotes show how racist towards whites and blacks Jewish Abraham Lincoln was. Much evidence proves Abe was Jewish, not White. He was assassinated for a reason.

He converted the greatest Republic, USA, to a cooperate-owned democracy in 1865. R.I.P. USA 1776-1865.

He turned the White grandchildren of revolution soldiers into cultureless monkeys, and his liberal ideology eventually told other races they can come to a once all White nation and get catered to, and have the right to kill and torture Whites.

There is no such thing as a free and slave state. Please read the Confederate constitution which stood for HUMAN AND STATES RIGHTS, not slavery. It also never mentions blacks, black slavery was a Jewish market. That's why Abe and other Jews hate blacks so much and have used them through Liberalism. Yes, some whites did participate in black slavery, but much less than you think.

Only brainwashed liberals approve of Abraham Lincoln.
I disapprove of Abraham Lincoln because of the hate he spewed towards several races of human beings, and tore the culture of Whites, and used other races into self-destructed, cruel ways.
by VanillaCoffee August 16, 2010
When a male knocks a girl out by hitting her in the head with his fist. While she is knocked out the male shaves his pubic hair off and cums on her face. He then places the pubic hair over the cum on the face. (In the shape of a beard)
Phil: Yo, dude last night i abraham lincolned this bitch and now i aint got any pubs!
Billy: Yo that sucks dude.
Cori: hey whatsup guys.
Phil: o hmmmm hi umm.
Billy: Eww what the fuck cori whats on your face?
Phil: Shut the fuck up Billy.
by Phil Bucci October 24, 2007

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