He was the sixteenth president of the United States who was the first one to coin the sex move an "Abe Lincoln" where one proceeds to jizz in another's face and throw pubes on the jizz creating a silly beard. He also invented Lincoln Logs and in his spare time hunted vampires attempting to free the slaves from the dark overlords of the South who were running the cotton industry. Vampires secretly created a contraption called the "tampon" where a woman stores it in her vagina during her time of the month leaving a discarded tasty snack to be consumed.
"I Abe Lincolned my friend when he was sleeping last night and he thought he finally hit puberty!"

"Well you certainly paid fine tribute to the man who saved the world from the dark plague of vampires. Abraham Lincoln you sun of a gun."
by mikethegreat26 March 06, 2014
THis is when you are about to finish on a girl and you blow on the back of her head. This an Abraham Lincoln.
Like when you are doing it from behind and blow your load on the back of her head. This is also the same way Abraham Lincoln got assasinated.
by Steve Weiser April 13, 2010
to sneak up behind a seated victim and blow a fart in their ear. so called because it represents assassin john wilkes boothe's stealthy shot in the ford theatre some hundred and thirty years ago.
dude, i totally abraham lincolned my little brother last night. he was doing home work at the kitchen table and i snuck up and dislodged an oily reeker right in his ear.
by SAMMER OF THE GODS March 24, 2006
You shave off your pubes, and then ejaculate onto you ladies face. Once you have ejaculated, throw the pubic clippings onto her face, forming a beard. Thus, you have Abraham Lincoln!
I gave your mother an Abraham Lincoln
by GLDeyo January 11, 2009
Premeditated sex act involving a handful of pubic hair, semen, and a large top hat, not unlike that of Abraham Lincoln. The unknowing partner falls victim to a facial following a human hair confetti blast and a top hat on their head.
"I totaly pulled an abraham Lincoln on that one chick"
by Abraham Kincoln July 10, 2008
A manuever to be pulled only by crafty veterans, you grab your self a nice and drunk warpig take her back to her place and wait till she passes out, this is where it gets tricky you then shave off her pubes jerk off all around her chin and jaw and place her pubes all in it the jizz. you then phantom back to your buddies house for a great story.
Dude this warpig was so drunk last nite I had to give her the old Abraham Lincoln
by BigBo16 November 25, 2007
The dude that was down with the pimps and hoes.
Abraham Lincoln was inducted as an honorary "Chocolate Daddy".
by dickmonger March 19, 2009

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