The greatest disease of a human being to live.

Liberals absolutely love him.

Many quotes show how racist towards whites and blacks Jewish Abraham Lincoln was. Much evidence proves Abe was Jewish, not White. He was assassinated for a reason.

He converted the greatest Republic, USA, to a cooperate-owned democracy in 1865. R.I.P. USA 1776-1865.

He turned the White grandchildren of revolution soldiers into cultureless monkeys, and his liberal ideology eventually told other races they can come to a once all White nation and get catered to, and have the right to kill and torture Whites.

There is no such thing as a free and slave state. Please read the Confederate constitution which stood for HUMAN AND STATES RIGHTS, not slavery. It also never mentions blacks, black slavery was a Jewish market. That's why Abe and other Jews hate blacks so much and have used them through Liberalism. Yes, some whites did participate in black slavery, but much less than you think.

Only brainwashed liberals approve of Abraham Lincoln.
I disapprove of Abraham Lincoln because of the hate he spewed towards several races of human beings, and tore the culture of Whites, and used other races into self-destructed, cruel ways.
by VanillaCoffee August 16, 2010
Top Definition
Shave your pubes and hold them in your hand. Get your mate to give you a blowjob and when you cum on her face throw the trimmed curlies onto your semen soaked partners face and she will be left with a striking resemblance to Abraham Lincoln.
My girlfriend looked very presidential after I gave her an Abraham Lincoln.
by Merc November 17, 2004
One of the greatest presidents ever. Fought for the concept that secession was unconstitutional (as it violated the concept of democracy--if the guy you voted for lost, you have to deal with it) and aided in the disestablishment of the institution of slavery. Though the Hartford Convention did consider secession, it was not the main focus of the agenda, and was political suicide for the Federalists. Moreover, limiting free speech during times of war is not something unique, as it has happened many times since Lincoln's day. It should also be noted, secession is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution as a right, it is mentioned in the Declaration of Independance, but that was not a legal document. Therefore he didn't deny anyone anything unusual.
Samurai Lincoln preserved the Union because he was a secret samurai (HAYA!).
by Gene February 23, 2005
When your girl is watching a movie, and you are masturbating in the other room. You run in and shoot her in the head with your ejaculate screaming "Sic semper tyrannis!"
My girlfriend was watching Titanic last night, so I Abraham Lincolned her.
by iamnotsimonj April 09, 2010
A sexual act where you do your girl doggy style in the back of a theater balcony, then after you shoot your load all over her ass and back, yell SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS! then jump off the balcony and escape.
"I did an Abraham Lincoln on my girl the other night but then broke my ankle on the dismount."
by Th0th870 October 09, 2007
Some dude with a top hat.
Did you see that Abraham Lincoln, his top hat was baller.
by Ghordin November 13, 2011
Abraham Lincoln created peanut butter and wanted to give credit for it to a black person so the southerners would accept the blacks as their equals. However, before the plan could be put into action, John Wilkes Booth, who "despised legume racial harmony", got wind of the plan and shot Lincoln. 31 years later, the plan was revived by President Grover Cleveland. Cleveland heard of a young black botanist, Carver, who had invented over 300 uses for peanuts, but amazingly, "mashing them up and eating them wasn't one of them". Cleveland constructed an ingenious plan to allow Carver to receive credit by leaving a jar of peanut butter to an unknowing Carver, who received the credit for the invention. There is thought to be a Jar of Truth that has prove that Carver did not invent peanut butter but the Illuminati are dedicated to finding it and destroying it to keep the world from going back into racism.
Abraham Lincoln invented peanut butter.
by defintionguy January 28, 2012
the only good republican
abraham lincoln was pretty good
by alex14 October 09, 2006
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