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Abo Kalb (أبو كلب ): (Adj, Disapproval)
it’s a Saudi slang used these days to describe a thing that you think it’s badly made or not original (cheap stuff). and sometimes to describe a bad situation.
-Hay man! What’s wrong with this (Abo Kalb) thing? You just bought it yesterday! and it’s broken already!!

-Please don’t put (Abo kalb) spare parts in the car, our life is more important.

-Which kind of battery do you want? Energizer or (Abo kalb)

-Why are you wearing (Abo kalb) sunglasses? your eyes are valuable, save some money and buy Ray-Ban.

-I’m on travel, I want to buy (Abo kalb) mobile phone just to use it for one week

-Don’t eat kebab form this place, it’s (Abo kalb)! you’ll have stomachache after half an hour

-Man this new system is (Abo kalb), I miss the old one

-The final presentation is tomorrow, so I want a high printing quality not (Abo kalb), Use original HP ink.

-What do you think of my new picture? – Man! You can do better than that, it’s (Abo kalb)

-Dude! do you know what happened to me yesterday? I was stuck in an elevator for three hours, man! It was an(Abo kalb) situation.
by K2B October 21, 2011
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