Abnormal in an awesome way.
"This year's GISHWHES is sure to be abnosome"

Guillermo del Toro's films are often Abnosome
by bearhandslovesthisismydesign August 12, 2013
noun, a thing that is abnormal in an awesome way
adjective form: abnosomal
"Why are you putting bacon on a pbj sandwhich, Sarah? That's really an abnosome.
Wow, all the things I have to do this week are so abnosomal!
by universalkitty August 11, 2013
Abnormal in an awesome way.
Joe: Dude what's on your head?
Frank: Oh, it's my new surgically implanted unicorn horn!
Joe: Wow! That's so abnosome!
by JubileepizzalovesQuantum-Scoot August 11, 2013
adj: being abnormal in an awesome way. Introduced by Misha Collins on the 2013 GISHWHES item list.
Person 1: So what the hell is GISHWHES?
Person 2: It's an international scavenger hunt where you do things like make tigers out of tampons and photograph firefighters in kale bikinis.
Person 1: That sounds... pretty abnosome.
by snap-and-loopin August 11, 2013
abnormal in an awesome way!!
- GISHWHES makes me do such abnosome things!

- Misha Collins is so abnosome!! <3

- Team 270 is the abnosomist team to have EVER competed in GISHWHES!!
by Shirley Team270 August 11, 2013
Abnormal in an awesome way.

Related forms
ab·no·some, adjective
ab·no·some·ly, adverb
ab·no·some·ness, noun
Cas: I held a charity haute couture fashion show consisting of outfits made entirely of kale, then donated the edible clothes and money it to the food bank.
Misha: That's abnosome!
by KaleOfTheLord August 11, 2013
Abnormal in an awesome way.
Two people dressed as cavemen on a crowded train are so abnosome!
by MegAlys August 11, 2013
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