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"Abnormal in an awesome way" - Misha Collins

This word was created by Misha to express how abnormal can be totally awesome. He wants to encourage people to do weird, funky, and freaky things and feel good about it!

So spread the love,

"That kale hat you made is totally abnosome!"

"Have you seen that new show, "Cooking Fast and Fresh with West!"? It's sooooo abnosome. Plus, he uses great technique and ingredients."
by TeamFarmEmo August 18, 2013
abnormal in an awesome way
person 1: Did you hear that Amanda was doing GISHWHES this year?
Person 2: Yeah, the things she has to do are so abnosome
by CastielsMinions August 11, 2013

1: exceptionally brilliant quality, defined by the correlation between the unusual quirk of an individual and their all round awesomeness, as coined during GISHWHES 2013
eg: Misha Collins is abnosomely amazing for creating GISHWHES and bringing the Scoregasms together in 2013
by Scoregasms August 11, 2013
Abnormal in an awesome way
Kyrsten: "TheFandomLife team is definitely abnosome, especially since I'm on it."
Alexa: "We are definitely the most abnosomeist team around."
by Kyrsten August 11, 2013
"abnormal in an awesome way."
You are all very abnosome
by Haylstails August 17, 2013
A new and important word meaning: abnormal in an awesome way.
Introduced during GISHWHES 2013

Also see: Abnomosity, Abnomsiveness
"Hey, man, that colourful coat sure is Abnosome!"
by confettipdeluvsmccringlebries August 15, 2013