"Abnormal in an awesome way" - Misha Collins

This word was created by Misha to express how abnormal can be totally awesome. He wants to encourage people to do weird, funky, and freaky things and feel good about it!

So spread the love,

"That kale hat you made is totally abnosome!"

"Have you seen that new show, "Cooking Fast and Fresh with West!"? It's sooooo abnosome. Plus, he uses great technique and ingredients."
by TeamFarmEmo August 18, 2013
Top Definition
A new word created in 2013 by CW actor Misha Collins during the annual Greatest Internation Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES), with the meaning:

'Awesome in an abnormal way'
Speaker one: "I cut off all my hair and wore underwear made of Toast for G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S!"
Speaker two: "That is so abnosome!"
by juxtai August 17, 2013
Abnormally awesome (coined by Misha Collins, aka The Overlord, during GISHWHES 2013)
"This is abnosome!"
by kmp25 August 19, 2013
Adj. A state of being abnormally awesome.
Dude, last night was totally abnosome!
by Team Valkyraptors August 18, 2013
Abnormal, but in an especially awesome way.
"Those flying pants are abnosome."

"Hey, check out that Batman toilet. That thing is pretty abnosome."
by CastielWings August 15, 2013
Abnosome means abnormal in an awesome way.
PscyhopathLovesGregariousGyascutus is the abnosomest team in Gishwhes.
by PscyhopathLovesGregariousGyasc August 16, 2013
Abnormal in an awesome way.
"You know who's abnosome?"
"The Bloggess, she just did a disco taxidermy photoshoot."
by AbdielLovesFightingGurgle August 11, 2013
Abnormal in an awesome way.
Wow, that coconut chili drink was abnosome!

That exact replica of the Mona Lisa on the ceiling of the dentist's office made entirely out of pancakes was abnosome.
by humanperson42 August 12, 2013

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