an eleven year old adorable actress. most famous for her role in little miss sunshine. she will probably end up just another britney or lindsey or something... who can blame her though, have you ever heard of a child star who didn't end up like that?
Abigail Breslin was in Little Miss Sunshine.
by chocolategrape March 11, 2008
Top Definition
A GREAT actress, currently known for he role as Olive in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. She is a cute girl, very funny, but mature for her age (She was born in 1996)! Other movies she has been in include Signs, ]Raising Helen], Keane. Abigail is awesome! Sister of actor Spencer Breslin, and native to New York, NY.
Abigail Breslin was great in Little Miss Sunshine, my new favorite movie. Some people say she could be the next Dakota Fanning, but I have to say, Abigail is the best!
by ericacatlover January 15, 2007
Someone who dated Michael Clifford and wrote a detestable song about their relationship after he left her. She thought she was Taylor Swift but no.
I hate Abigail Breslin. She sucks more than her song "You suck"
by Ifeelsodisconnected January 03, 2015
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